Walk of Causes – Episode 14

Walking through Lebanon, from village to village in the mountains, took us no more than 18 days, but the experience will stay in our minds for the rest of our lives.

Why Lebanon!?!

That’s been a frequent question from our viewers throughout the screening of our web series. It’s a simple question that deserves more than a simple answer. Perhaps that is why we made this series in the first place: to show the world how Lebanon has treated us, and to show the world this beautiful country seen from our eyes. So, why Lebanon? The answer is our web series.

When we started this walk, we had some expectations about the nature and the hospitality of the Lebanese people, but in reality we had no idea. We are no athletes, and we definitely have no more experience in walking than the average city dweller. We started off with almost no preparations, no map and no tent, but it didn’t matter. Where there are people in this country, there is a place for a traveler to sleep. And we made friends everywhere, despite the fact that we don’t speak a single word of Arabic. The shepherd in the mountains understood our body language, so did the gipsy family, and the cute woman that refused to take money for the coffee she served us at her little café.

When we brought our camera equipment with us, we really didn’t know what material we would be able to collect, or what to do with it when finished. Now, a year and a half after we ended our trip, the last episode of our web series is about to be made public. Each of the 14 episodes is dedicated to a cause dealing with local social issues in Lebanon, and half of the money donated to the project by our sponsors went to organizations working on the issues that we address. The final episode is dedicated to Lebanon.

We feel severely privileged to have been able to experience this adventure. It has been a few weeks of our lives that will stay with us forever, and we hope to have encouraged other people to explore this country as well.



About 2famous

We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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