Usually, when we hear the word “censorship” we think of China. Words like “communism”, “fascism” and “dictatorship” come to our minds. It also reminds us of some of our most favorite literature, such as “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451” and “A Brave New World”.

That’s what we’ve been told to think: Since we live in a democracy, we allow the freedom of speech, and we don’t censor our media. Censorship is dangerous, and is the work of our Enemy, our TV told us, while showing us pictures of a different world of pain and horror, only to be abrupted by TV-commercials every once in a while.

And since these dictators, these beasts, would not allow their people to know the truth, it was our job to “free” these people from the horrible grip of their bloodthirsty animalistic leaders. If their people resisted our military invasions of their countries, it was only proof to show how brainwashed they were, those poor people. That’s how dangerous censorship is, we were told.

But we, we were like saints, almost, sacrificing our own people to free the world from the horrors of the beasts, because everybody deserves the democracy and the freedom that we have. When we watched the bombs fall over cities far away, when we saw countries in total destruction, and when we saw the dying children, our TV told us that it was all worth it.

But now we understand that TV is fucked in the first place. We know who owns it, and who decides what is being broadcast and what is not. It’s all political, or, at least business orientated. We know that we’re being lied to. It’s OK. They stopped pretending that they don’t lie anymore, so we’re all cool with it. That’s why we make our own internet TV

But, the Internet? Are you fucking kidding us? Are we going to be telling our kids that we used to be able to tweet whatever we wanted to tweet back in the days? People like us already find it hard to find our spot in the media, as we’re often edited out, or simply not invited to take part. The way the media has been constructed has made a wall for people like us – you have to find a fucking way to climb if you want to make it.

That’s why internet is our playground. That’s where we can do whatever we want to do. If you like it, you are more than welcome to watch it, but we are not forcing you to do so. We don’t come to you, that’s not how it works. It’s you that have to come to us. And now they want to take that away from us! Do we have to start to make fucking theater now, or what!?!

We are simply 2famous to let people stop the internet, and so should you!


About 2famous

We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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