Walk of Causes – Episode 10

For all the homeless people.

As we’ve spent some time walking in this country by now, we realized a sport that seems to be pretty popular throughout the whole country. We never learned the official name for it, but it’s remarkable similar to one of the most famous winter activities in Norway: sledging. So, we’ve named this new kind of sport Summer Sledging. But, it turned out to be more dangerous than it first seemed.

Finding a place to sleep had been quite easy so far on our trip, but now, as we were in the freezing mountains, with the threat of rain from the sky, and rumors of wild animals, we struggled to find a safe place to spend the night.

This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the homeless people.



About 2famous

We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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