A Bedouin settlement outside of Zahle, Bekaa valley, Lebanon

A Bedouin settlement outside of Zahle in the Bekaa valley

Nomads are really restless people that’s always on the move, a bit like us. We never sit still, and move from audition to audition, and from party to party. But sometimes we go and hang out with the real bedouins of Lebanon.

A kid posing outside of his house

A kid posing outside of his house

There are between 100-150.000 bedouins in this country. They earn their living from helping out landowners with the crop, and they live in semi-postable tents. Some of the tents are made from billboard posters, which can turn a humble home into a Chanel fashion statement.

Successful living recycled

Successful living recycled

Most of the bedouins women wear kick-ass dresses in vivid colours, making them look like flowers when they work in the field. Little do they know that they are walking pieces of state-of-the-art fashion that could take the piss out of any 21st century couture designer. Isn’t that ironic? lol

Astonishingly beautiful fashion

Astonishingly beautiful fashion

But, as a paperless minority, they suffer several problems. Among other things, they fall outside of the health care system, which means that life can suck if you get the flue.

Girls Scouting

Girls Scouting

One smiling, one crying

One smiling, one crying

That’s why we simply love The Bedouin Health Project that works to improve reproductive and child health care in Lebanon’s bedouin community. Happy New Year!

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We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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3 Responses to NOMADS LAND

  1. Amar Ghalib says:

    There is something so true in their eyes. Life seems so real to the Bedouin. Being here in the United States I long for authenticity. Society here has been manipulated to fit the needs of the top. Ethnicity has been lost in time, jealousy and selfishness here is prevalent and the need to belong has been destroyed, love is lost, and ethnicity has been intimidated.
    I am originally from Baghdad my parents say i need to assimilate here now, but why?
    I love to feel life’s intensity. I try to embrace heartbreak until its broken open, then i try to return it whole again. But there is only so much pain i can handle.

    I want to be you guys- whenever I see you smiling, cause it’s easily one of the hardest things to do..I can tell you know how hard this life can be, but you keep on smiling for me

    Our worries and fears become our friends And they end up smiling at us…
    oh how I love to see you guys smile’ Out in the sun havin’ fun and you’re feelin’ free. Was knowing your weakness that made you strong? I need to know this, because if true Ill put on a smiley face for you.
    Best regards, Amar Ghalib.

    • 2famous says:

      Wow! Thanks for such a beautiful comment! It makes us feel that it’s all worth it… We’ve been living here in Beirut for the past two years, and, for sure, we really feel that we found a missing piece of our puzzle in the Arab culture. We’ve glad we managed to reach out to you, and that we have provoked those feelings in you. How did you come across our blog by the way?


      Jorgen & Matias

  2. Celine K says:

    great story. Just saw your blog, will have a look around.
    Thanks for spreading such news on Lebanon and the people here…

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