As we were recording this music video, Jørgen had an accident and fell over the table and Matias got angry. Normal stars would probably try to hide such humiliating moments, but to us it’s important to give our fans the full picture, no matter what it is. We are like that you see, we know how to laugh at ourselves.



About 2famous

We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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  1. Roar says:

    Du er en syk mann, Mathias. Bra, det!

  2. Wake up says:

    Why are u doing this? its ok if u wana spend ur lives mocking everything but leave the kids and our simple lebanese life out of the picture if u are going to paint it like this.
    wake up, there are ways far more beautiful to look at life than what u re doing. its non sense. u will probably mock me now. but also its useless

  3. 2famous says:

    We are aware that our sense of humor might be a bit hard for some people to get. But, thinking about the big picture, we think it is worth it. We are not mocking you. We love Lebanon, and thats why we are doing this project here. The point is that we don’t take ourselves so seriously, even tough our surroundings might be very serious from time to time. We think life is utterly beautiful, and are trying to use our approach to life to spread something positive.

  4. Wake up says:

    Its not hard to get but only cheap humour, not really funny but absolutely sad in my eyes, especially when u wana bring along the palestinian camps in ur game. I dont see anything positive come out of what u do, its silly and probably makes only u feel good, how can this bullshit bring anything good to the world? its better to go clean a beach or to be honest with life and stop this ridiculous stuff. personally i feel really unlucky that u happened in our country. U cant even call this a project. When i saw this, with the pictures of Korniche el naher, it makes me feel sad, its easy to take advantage of the lebanese surroundings. i wish more people could find useful ways to spend their time and be clear in their heads about life.
    I dont want to insult u, im sorry im harsh, but really all this, why?

    • 2famous says:

      Well, we can hardly be bothered to reply to this. What your sense of humor is like, is completely and fully irrelevant to us. What is sad to you, and that we bring sadness to your life, is also something we cannot take into account.

      So, the palestinians are untouchable? We are not allowed to film among them, unless we edit ourselves out? Are we only allowed to film people that looks like us? We don’t get it.

      On your question how our “bullshit” can bring something good to the world:

      We present the palestinian refugee camp to a “new” audience. In this way we are spreading awareness. We are also getting attention to Lina’s project, so that she get more volunteers to help her out. Other “bullshit” we’ve done in Lebanon, through our projects of filming ourselves, is to collect money from Norway to organizations working on de mining, orphans, rural health and to the Lebanese Red Cross, among other thing.

      Yes, we are up to cleaning beaches, but we think we can do more, so much more, by also doing things our own way. We never intend to offend anybody, and we think that these projections are sad. Come on! You don’t HAVE to watch it, right?

      Anyways, we hope this gave you some of the answers to your last question.

  5. Wake up says:

    I dont think anyting u are doing is actually to help people around u but only to feel good about urself.. i know more about u people than what u might think and this is why im sure of what im talking about. the palestinians are not untouchables, but ur way to represent them is ugly, and not only them, everything ur doing, is ridiculous and should remain in places like london where u probably got ur funky attitudes from, that brings joy to u only and to no one else… u dont need to edit urselves out, but its ugly to have people like lina doing something really important and then mattias coming out with his funky oober cool beard to say that “yeah we re famous we gota do this now” or this random shit u come up with that makes u feel cool about urself. I cant see how u care about the palestinians more than ur own selves and figures, and everything revolves around urselves and ur “funnyness” must be really tropical for ur norwegian public.

    u dont need to answer, and u can laugh at me between each others but i hope each one of u takes in consideration what i tell u, each one in his own mind, because it would be too much to admit it to each other i know, take in consideration what i say and try to change this crap in something that has a little feeling and beauty. I dont have to watch it, im not sad because i sit in my room, watch it and cry, i think im mostly sad for u, and for the kind of public that would enjoy it, and im sad that people need to see this shit. and yeah im sad for u cz in know ur not complete idiots.

    • 2famous says:

      Everything we’re doing is “ridiculous” and “ugly”, and it can only find a home in London? If you hate it so much, why is it good enough for London?

      And, how come you are such a self-claimed joy-police, saying that we only bring joy to ourselves? And, if this was the case, so what? There is no need to paint the whole world in the image of yourself!

      Yes we know, we are dealing with the core concept of fame. We know that it’s shallow. It’s OK if you don’t like it. It’s OK if you don’t like the concept of fame in your country. But, if you keep following our blog, and if you “get” us, what is exposed is not really ourselves, but the idea of FAME, which so many people (also in Lebanon) are trying to achieve.

      You don’t need to try to outsmart us, telling us that you know all that much about us, what’s hard for us to admit, etc., to go on telling us that it’s sad that we chose this path knowing that we’re not complete idiots. We think it’s kind of cheap.

      And, even so, if we did this only to satisfy our own egos, we still give half of all the money we make to local organizations in our host countries. Matias collected $60.000 dollars to an organization in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago. In this project his “ego” encouraged others to continue their donation to improve the local communities in the country. In Lebanon, for our Walk of Causes project, we’ve collected about $4000 (from Europe) so far, and hope to reach our goal in collecting $12.500 for organizations dealing with local issues, such as the Lebanese Red Cross.

      Well, you seem to be enjoying it somehow, as you are one of our most dedicated fans! (Haters are also fans). And, since you claim to have this secret knowledge about us (sorry for the sarcasm), we assume that there is nothing we can do to make you look sideways… ?

      (Please accept our apologies of being sarcastic and rude with you, but come on!)

  6. Wake up says:

    Heheh yes its true i feel like im the only one posting stuff on ur wall, should be fun for u too… i accept ur apologies nd also apologize for being completely rude and honest with u… anyhow i think its good for u to be questioned and criticised, this way u can think about what ur doing and know how other people feel about it. i dont want to continue with this and i will not come back to ur blog to answer u anymore so u might as wel not answer anymore… good then if are making all this incredible amount of money and giving it to charity, i know also that u are too into ur thing to try to realize its shallowness, i hope u get to transform ur stuff into something closer to humanity.. nshalla… and enjoy making fun of everything,if thats what makes u really happy but try to have a little respect for things if u can (i hate the word respect, i usually never use it, but im not sure how to say it, maybe i can replace it with consideration, or love.). see u 🙂

    • 2famous says:

      Hehe… I’m glad we found peace, eventually! 😉

      And yes, it’s always good with a bit of a word battle! Thanks! 😉

      Let’s buy each other beers if we randomly meet (which is such a win situation for you, since we are two).

      Bye bye!

      We’ll miss you 😦

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