Here is the video from last Saturday, when we took over Elians pub in Borj Hammoud. Although glasses were purposely broken, and some of the guests put the floor on fire, we managed to keep the place fairly under control. The only ones that couldn’t pay their bar tab was ourselves (Elian: we´ll pay you back as soon as we can).



About 2famous

We are two Norwegian actors that lives in Beirut, Lebanon. We came down here with one goal; the culmination of our Life mission, our dream: Glorious fame in the Middle East. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes...
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3 Responses to BAR HAMMOUD!!!

  1. samer says:

    Saturday is gona be a special place bc the barcha flags aregoing down

  2. Ola says:

    This clip just makes me wanna quit my dayjob and move to Beirut ASAP.

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